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Board Members Message

Mark Webb - January 2015

Hello, Welcome to the revised Website!  We brought the web site back for the new year.  We will post new information on the Site.  if you have any suggestions for the website's improvement, please e-mail them to Me or Don. I am working currently as the webmaster. 

The Board is trying to do things a little different than in the past.  Several things have changed, we think for the better.

We made a separate date for the hearings so the individual parties do not have to wait to the end of the board meeting.  Each complaint is verified prior to the complaint going to a hearing.  The hearings are on the third Tuesday and are a closed meeting with the rules committee and the complaint parties.  The Boards' request is that every resident try to communicate with each other and resolve differences politely and respectfully with each other.  if that is not possible then please file a complaint and we will help you resolve the issue. We wait until the hearing to resolve the issue and we will not issue a second complaint until a reasonable amount of time has pasted and the problem still persists.   

The Rules Committee is also walking around a portion of the common area  every few months and we notice an issue that is a home owners responsibility we make a attempt to knock on the door and try and resolve the issue right there and then.  No need for a complaint.   We have walked around lower phase 1(July), upper phase 2(Sept) and the eastern portion of phase 3 (Nov).  Mainly we notice things that need maintaining by our crews and we make a list and have the maintenance and landscape staff work on resolving those issues.  All we ask is patence as somethings take time to resolve.

If you think, we should do something different, please come to the next board meeting or submit a request in writting to the board and we will listen.  


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If your Vehicle was towed,

Please call Western Towing.

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President's Message


Welcome to the Bonita Vista Community HOA Web site.  The site is revised and updated with newer information.  As a Board, we are trying to provide our residents the information for our community. Please check out the Documents section to look at Board Meeting minutes, download forms, and read important policies.


We welcome and encourage suggestions to this website and will try to accommodate any content and feature request as our resources will allow.